Технологии низких и ультра-низких температур (криотехника)

Криотемпературные шкафы/лари 150 л –150 °С серии СTC-150

The freezer is used for long-time storage of samples at the temperature of -1500C. It provides substitution of the systems which are based on liquid nitrogen vapors. This is a unique system for facili..


Криотемпературные шкафы/лари 5 л –180 °С серии СTC-180

The freezer was designed to replace storage systems that use liquid nitrogen. The chamber’s small size allows to quickly change the temperature within the inner space.The system provides fast regulati..


Прибор криотерапии COOLSTREAM -30°C

The COOLSTREAM is a local cryotherapy device with the infrared  sensor and  working temperature up to -15 °С at the branch pipe. It can operate continuously up to 5 hours.It is used  in..


Ультра-низкотемпературные лари 15 л -90°C ULC-15

The ultra-compact ULC-15 freezer is developed for areas with limited working space. This freezer is also the best choice for labs working with samples that have to remain separated and cannot be store..


Ультра-низкотемпературные лари 200 л -90°C ULC-200

ULC-200 is our largest Ultra-Low Temperature freezer. Standing at 212L of effective capacity it is the best choice for laboratories storing physically large samples or a high quantity of smaller, simi..


Ультра-низкотемпературные лари 30 л -90°C ULC-30

ULC-30 is a safe and compact option for any laboratory. It easily fits under a table or a desk and provides enough room to store 3,000 microtubes of biological samples.​ULC-30 used in a number of sect..


Ультра-низкотемпературные лари 80 л -90°C ULC-80

ULC-80 is a necessity for any laboratory. Fitting more than 20,000 microtubes, it can slot under any standard desk or table. Easy to open lid and inner chamber out of stainless steel, ensure easy oper..


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