Криотемпературные шкафы/лари 150 л –150 °С серии СTC-150

Криотемпературные шкафы/лари 150 л –150 °С серии СTC-150

Модель: СTC-150
Наличие: Есть в наличии
  • 1,000.00€

The freezer is used for long-time storage of samples at the temperature of -1500C. It provides substitution of the systems which are based on liquid nitrogen vapors. This is a unique system for facilities where the logistics of liquid nitrogen are very difficult and where there is a hazard of samples pollution by means of vapors. 
Our compressor design provides reliability and is easy-to-use exploration. This model is for power main 380V

CTC-150/-150B for power main 230V is coming soon.


⊲ LN2-free
⊲ Energy efficient
⊲ Low vibration
⊲ Low noise
⊲ Green gas 
⊲ Single compressor

ParametrParametr valueколонка 3колонка 4
Ambient temperature , °С+10 °C to +25 °C34
Effective capacity, liters14845
Range of temperature control, °C-120 °C … -150 °C32
Discreteness of temperature installation, °С163
Stability of maintaining the temperature in the refrigerating chamber, °C± 2
Storage capacity, 2" cryobox (pcs)144
Internal dimensions (WxDxH), mm840 х 414 х 430
External dimensions (WxDxH), mm1750 x 940 х 1000
Power supply380V/50Hz
Pull downtime (not more than), min480
Noise level , dB<65
Weight, kg, not more than330
Power consumption, W, not more than1800
Temperature sensorPlatinum sensor element
Discreteness of temperature installation, °C± 1
Insulation thickness, mm192
Refrigerantmixture of CFC-free connections
Exterior finishgalvanized steel with powder coating
Interior finish of the freezing chamberstainless steel
Color of chamberwhite and blue
Alarm system on Carbon Dioxide CO2optional
Racks for cryoboxesoptional