Ультра-низкотемпературные лари 200 л -90°C ULC-200

Ультра-низкотемпературные лари 200 л -90°C ULC-200

Модель: ULC-200
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ULC-200 is our largest Ultra-Low Temperature freezer. Standing at 212L of effective capacity it is the best choice for laboratories storing physically large samples or a high quantity of smaller, similar samples.

ULC-200 is the best freezer for running large laboratory experiments, as the cold inside the chamber is distributed equally. As a result, even at full capacity, all the samples will be the subject of the same temperature with the uniformity of +/- 2 °C.


⊲ Energy efficient
⊲ Low vibration
⊲ Low noise
⊲ Green gas
⊲ Single compressor

ParametrParametr valueколонка 3колонка 4
Ambient temperature , °С+10 °C to +30 °C34
Effective capacity, liters21245
Range of temperature control, °C-60 °C … -90 °C32
Discreteness of temperature installation, °С163
Stability of maintaining the temperature in the refrigerating chamber, °C± 2
Storage capacity, 2" cryobox (pcs)162
Internal dimensions (WxDxH), mm937x502x453
External dimensions (WxDxH), mm1750x940x1000
Power supply220V-240V/50Hz
Rated daily power consumption (at ambient temperature 20 °C), kW×h, not more than8,7
Pull downtime (not more than), min300
Noise level , dB<51
Weight, kg, not more than220
Power consumption, W, not more than750